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With multi-colored shawls all the rage these days, I wanted to make one too. (Bandwagon!) But I’m not in love with the mostly geometric lines of most of them. When I saw Ripples, I knew that was the one for me. With softly undulating lines, it was perfect.


I used the yarn I bought at Rhinebeck last year – Dirt Water Dyeworks Bertha – which is a delightfully soft yarn with just enough cashmere. I picked the yarn specifically for this project and, in theory, I have enough to knit it again, with the colors reversed. (Ooh, planning!)


I love the way the colors go together. I love the softness. I love the rippling effect of the lines in the shawl, accomplished by strategically placed short row sections.


The only thing I don’t love is that it’s hard to wear it in a way that shows off all these wonderful features!

See mine on Ravelry here.

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big (little) cuddly bunny

little big rabbit

I wanted to make a little something for a friend about to have a baby a while back, but not a sweater or a hat or anything wearable. I decided on this little (big) bunny. This cute little guy was my small contribution to a group care package that mostly consisted of a quilt, with squares contributed by numerous people. (At the time, I had no place to sew. So.)

little big rabbit

The bunny was designed to be a big cuddly bunny, but since mine had to go through the mail with a bunch of other stuff, I knit it with smaller yarn & needles making for a much smaller “big” cuddly bunny.

I used yarn from my stash (Lion brand cotton ease) and size 5 needles and the bunny stood maybe 8 inches high or so. (I sent it off back in April, so I can’t quite remember…) See my Ravelry project page here.

little big rabbit

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airplane cupcakes

tiny planes!

I wanted to incorporate something that H loves into his cupcakes…but what? Tractors? Cars? Somebody else’s shoes? I finally decided on airplanes. I really wanted more generic airplanes, but the ones from Disney’s Planes were on clearance at Target…so! (And, interestingly, E picked out a plane from the movie for H for Christmas and none of us realized it at the time. A recurring accidental theme!)

With simple blue frosting, some puffy white clouds and tiny planes – perfection! The kids at the party loved it. (The grown ups liked ‘em too.)

tiny planes!

Cake & frosting recipes from Scratch Baking Co.

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Well, they’re finally gone.

This was the last of them. Delicious!

the last of the cherries...

I slipped a photo in a couple weeks ago on a photo Friday and it wasn’t at all clear, I don’t think, just how many cherries 18 pounds is.

Um, it’s a lot.

Why did I buy 18 pounds of cherries? I am a sucker. No, actually, they were on sale at Whole Foods, as they do one day per year, for less than $2/lb. And I’m a sucker. (And I really, really love cherries.)

Thanks heavens I’d already ordered a cherry pitter…

So what did I do with them all? Here’s the final tally:

1 half gallon of cherry bounce
6 half pints of cherry lime jam (using Pomona’s pectin)
6 half pints of “holiday cherries” (think pickled with festive spices, from Canning for a New Generation)
2 pints of cherry butter, from Food in Jars
1 batch of cherry cream cheese brownies
and 1 cherry pie (my first!) which apparently was the only thing I actually photographed. (It was awfully pretty.)

my first cherry pie!

Plus, uncountable bowls, handfuls and dishes of fresh cherries. We all had sticky purpley-red fingers for days, if not weeks. Nothing better!


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