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the girl turns 4: bee cake pops and sheep cupcakes!

E turned 4 last Sunday and we had family and friends over to celebrate. She requested chocolate cupcakes and I fancied them up a little bit! Plus, cake pops. Because who doesn’t need more sugar?

The day was gorgeous, for a change, and the kids played outside while various adults wandered in and out of the house, everybody keeping a collective eye on the little ones. I’m so ready for spring! I blogged about the cake pops over here, but I’ll share the photos here too – they’re too cute not to!


bee cake pops


sheep, grazing on gluten free grass


i made a thing!

I made a thing!

An earring holder, to be more specific.

I made a thing!

It now hangs on the wall in my bedroom, and holds all my earrings. (Yes, those are all my earrings.) Before, they were lying in a (small) jumbled heap in a little basket, perpetually in danger of being knocked over by tiny (or not so tiny) hands. Now, they’re safely up on the wall and easy to access!

I made a thing!

I’m sure you’ve seen something like this before, but in case you haven’t – all I did was put a piece of quilting cotton in an embroidery hoop, glue the extra fabric down around the back and voila! Earring holder! Fabric courtesy of Annika in a GMDS package. Yay good mail!


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