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Well, they’re finally gone.

This was the last of them. Delicious!

the last of the cherries...

I slipped a photo in a couple weeks ago on a photo Friday and it wasn’t at all clear, I don’t think, just how many cherries 18 pounds is.

Um, it’s a lot.

Why did I buy 18 pounds of cherries? I am a sucker. No, actually, they were on sale at Whole Foods, as they do one day per year, for less than $2/lb. And I’m a sucker. (And I really, really love cherries.)

Thanks heavens I’d already ordered a cherry pitter…

So what did I do with them all? Here’s the final tally:

1 half gallon of cherry bounce
6 half pints of cherry lime jam (using Pomona’s pectin)
6 half pints of “holiday cherries” (think pickled with festive spices, from Canning for a New Generation)
2 pints of cherry butter, from Food in Jars
1 batch of cherry cream cheese brownies
and 1 cherry pie (my first!) which apparently was the only thing I actually photographed. (It was awfully pretty.)

my first cherry pie!

Plus, uncountable bowls, handfuls and dishes of fresh cherries. We all had sticky purpley-red fingers for days, if not weeks. Nothing better!

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the boy turns 2

perfect window light

Oh sweet boy! You are two today! You’ve come so far – your language is shooting ahead in leaps and bounds. You have just started to not be completely petrified of dogs…


You can jump. You can climb. (You’re perhaps a little more able in those areas than a mama might like…) You’ve finally started taking an interest in books (“read it!”) and love to do things on your own (“self!”) which is wonderful and frustrating. (But really, you’re a very capable little boy.) You love to sing and dance and love watching “Let It Go” and “In Summer” with sissy, which you sing along to. You’ve recently discovered “Cindewewa” as well and love watching her sing and putting her shoes on.

You’re such a joy to everyone around you! You give the best hugs. You say “sorry” before you do something you know you’re not supposed to, so that’s entertaining. (And helpful.)

We love you little big guy!

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one year old

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