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art storage : before & after

I like love to craft. My kids…are ambivalent. But like any good crafty mama, I gather art supplies and every so often attempt to coerce the children into making something. Sometimes they humor me for a few minutes before wandering off to other things. Neither one of them is particularly driven to create art independently, but then, they are 2 & 4…so I’m hopeful that someday (soon?) they will want to sit with me and make stuff.

Anyway, this (don’t laugh) was our sad, sad art supply storage until recently, when I just had to fix it now or else.

Art storage, before

A falling-apart fabric drawer unit, piled high with pads of paper, random drawings and old shirts turned into art smocks. It was a towering danger. It needed fixing before it fell onto some small head meandering by. I was a little stumped for ideas – it has to be easy enough to get into for me and the tall child but largely inaccessible to the small child. (Aka, the one who will draw on the couch with marker. Oh, yes, he has.)

I’d love to say I thought up some genius idea using scavenged scraps of wood from the backyard and artisanal string. But I didn’t.

I went to Target. Ta-da!

Art storage, after

And it looks soooo much better.

Art papers are securely stored on the very top, where small grasping hands can’t tear them to shreds, as well as the more dangerous/permanent/messy art supplies – scissors, markers, glitter, etc. (Seriously, why do we even have glitter?) The fabric bins house everything else, roughly grouped by type, and the bottom cubbies hold a few toys that they’re welcome to play with at any time. I went with white, even though I generally loathe white particle board furniture, because I recently repainted the kids’ table and little chairs white with leaf green chalkboard paint on top and rather wanted it to match. (And, well, Target only had white. So.)


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Asheville cowl, the swappy one!


I posted a while back about the cowl I knit during my travels to Asheville. This one here is the one I knit for our swap! I’d never knit anything for a swap before and I was totally intimidated by it – what if the recipient hated the color? The yarn? The pattern? OMG! I picked a color I thought she’d like and I certainly hope P doesn’t hate her cowl! I had a lot of fun knitting it. It’s a super squishy yarn – String Theory merino DK in a now-discontinued color. The pattern is A Cowl for Every Season and is easily memorizable, which is perfect for knitting in small bits around the kids’ schedules.

See the details of mine on Ravelry.

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“baby” blanket


There is little in this world that I find more satisfying than knitting something for someone who ends up loving the final product. That was the case with this blanket!

H's zig zag blanket

It’s HBear’s “baby” blanket which I didn’t finish until…*ahem*…he was almost 2. (I didn’t even start it until several months after he was born! Bad mama.)

H's zig zag blanket

I love the colors. I love the little seed stitch border. I…don’t love the size. It’s long and skinny, like a towel. HBear has absolutely no problem with this but it bugs me, I admit. I knit the larger size of this Zig Zag Baby Blanket and it wasn’t as wide as I’d expected. (The pattern says 32″. It is…not.) It would have been easy to add an extra zig or zag, and if I had been thinking (but I wasn’t because, newborn) I would have done just that.

H's zig zag blanket

I used Knit Picks Comfy worsted in five different colors and it’s holding up quite well, I must say. They had a nice big selection of colors and I didn’t want wool because I had been intending for it to be his baby blanket and he’s a July baby… Intentions. Anyway, it’s a lovely soft thing and I’m glad I chose the yarn I did!

H's zig zag blanket

See the details of mine on Ravelry.


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