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trunk show recap

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blank book

Well, the trunk show went well the other night!  There was a consistent crowd throughout the event and they all seemed to have a good time, throwing cookies and hearts with abandon!  I really enjoyed getting to see my fellow team members’ books and getting to hear everyone talk about themselves, their process, their stories!

Oh, the pretty...

I wanted to have this book, whose photos I’m plastering all over my blog (sorry ’bout that – I just love it so much!), ready and listed for the show, but a migraine got in the way and I just couldn’t get the listing done.  Boo.  And actually, that darn migraine almost kept me from the trunk show entirely!  (Um…I threw up right in the middle of it…  The good thing about a virtual trunk show?  I could do that!  It wouldn’t be so cool of me to be sick right in the middle of a real trunk show!)

spine detail

(I just can’t get enough of the beautiful paper I used on the cover of this book.  Those swirly vine patterns are actually a gorgeous bronze metallic color that shimmers and shines in the light.  It’s amazing!  I wish I could take credit for the design, but I merely picked it out!)

Lastly, I just want to thank Maiko for pulling this whole show together!  She was our champion and leader through the whole process and did a fabulous job – thank you, Maiko!


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