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happiness is a warm tomato

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relax (by bookgrl)

Nothing makes me happier on a Saturday morning than going out to the farm.  (Except maybe going out to the farm and not having all the eggs be gone already!)  I love to wander around in the fields and through the yard, drinking in all the sights and sounds of the luscious summer morning.  There’s always chickens scattering underfoot, little kidlets wandering around and adults looking particularly benevolent in the early summer sun. 

My trip to the farm was intended to result in some nice fresh eggs (for quiche) and some little cukes (for pickling) but sadly I was denied on both fronts.  Nothing beats those farm fresh eggs!  Disappointed as I was, I still managed to find a good amount of food to fill my bag – local tofu, an armful of ripe tomatoes, eight perfect little jalapeños and a few nice onions.  Since my hopes of making pickles were dashed upon the rocky shores of reality, I decided on the spot to make salsa instead!  (I just had to make something to fill the pantry!)  Luckily, I managed to get exactly the right amount of everything, without having looked at a recipe beforehand.  How’s that for good luck?

oh! (by bookgrl)

baby (by bookgrl)

garlicky garlic (by bookgrl)

soon to be... (by bookgrl)

I’ll be posting the salsa recipe I used a little bit later, probably tomorrow because tonight is a busy night filled with exciting happenings!


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