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wedding cupcakes?

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tiers (by ChrisB in SEA)
tiers, originally uploaded by ChrisB in SEA.

Well, many people will be happy to know that we’ve actually started thinking about planning the wedding.  Finally!  I know, I know, we’ve been engaged a whole, what, two weeks?  Less?  But the first question out of everyone’s mouth is, of course, "Have you set a date?"  And the answer to that is still a resounding no.  But!  We’ve thought about it.  We’re thinking next late spring/early summer in Maine.  And I’ve actually spent the past hour or so following link after link to various reception halls, caterers, flower shops and photographers.  It’s like a magical bunny hole that I’ve somehow fallen into and left my level-headed, down-to-earth self above ground while this new, giddy, girlish me looks at pictures of wedding cakes and squeals.

This post was supposed to be about donut muffins, but I need to work on the recipe a little before I post it, because I think there was a major butter mishap with the ones I made this morning.  I almost went right ahead and made another batch with the potential butter mishap repaired, but then I realized that two people don’t have any need at all for two dozen muffins.  (Although we seem to be making quick work of the dozen sitting on the counter…)

So how did I get from donut muffins to wedding planning?  I got a save-the-date card for a friend’s wedding in January.  (Why did we get mail today?  It’s a holiday!  The trash men came too…  I was confused for a bit and thought perhaps we were off by a day and we were really supposed to be at work instead of laying around the house, eating donut muffins and playing with the kittens.  But no, it’s really the 4th!  Um…right?)  Anyway, her very cute little save-the-date card jump-started my wedding planning brain and off I waded into the treacherous waters of long-distance wedding planning.  There’s so much to do!  I love this beginning bit of planning any major undertaking, where the possibilities are endless.  For instance, we just decided that we want to have wedding cupcakes, instead of a traditional wedding cake.  Yay!  One decision down…a whole bunch more to go…

Psst…if any of you out there in internet-land have any advice on wedding planning, particularly about Maine, I’d love to hear it!

One thought on “wedding cupcakes?

  1. I stumbled across your blog looking for a chocolate mousse recipe. I had to say that I just planned my wedding last October and we had cupcakes, too. Everyone loved them! And I did almost everything myself, so I have a feeling for what you’re going through. I would love to share some of my hard-won knowledge, if you’re interested.

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