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The Steeping Room


happy hour (by bookgrl)

An update on yesterday’s cupcake – it has now been consumed and was, in fact, incredibly delicious. I purchased the little chocolate wonder at a place I’ve been meaning to try for quite some time now: The Steeping Room at The Domain. It’s an adorable little tea shop with clean, un-fussy decor, amazingly friendly staff and a heavenly-looking menu. Oh, and tea. So. Much. Tea. They dropped off, along with our menus, a packet of paper detailing their teas. I didn’t count them all but there were about a dozen or so 8.5×11 pages of single-spaced text describing their myriad assortment of teas. Black tea, green tea, white tea, rooibos tea, flavored tea… I want to try them all, but last night I wasn’t feeling very adventurous so I decided on a Madagascar vanilla flavored black tea. Steeped to perfection and served in a simple teapot with a wooden trivet, it tasted excellent alone or with a little sugar.

madagascar vanilla (by bookgrl)

I elected to get the “scone set” which consisted of my wonderful pot of tea, two scones of my choosing, jam, and one spread. I chose a currant scone, which was good, though a little on the dry side, and a rosemary-cheddar scone, which was out of this world! The strawberry jam was tasty, especially when paired with the…clotted cream! Oh, the dairy deliciousness! A bit of nice thick cream and some jam really livened up that slightly-too-dry currant scone. My tea buddy opted for the grilled cheese, a tasty concoction involving white Vermont cheddar, sun dried tomato and basil. I was lucky enough to snag a bite and it was a darn good grilled cheese!

currant (by bookgrl)

Today promises to be a fun-filled day involving a little bit of canning (more on that tomorrow, I’d wager…) and hopefully some new yarn, as long as my bank account isn’t too angry with me! Also, some time this week I’m really going to try to do that post about the process of canning that I’d mentioned before. Hope everyone had a lovely 4th of July weekend!

2 thoughts on “The Steeping Room

  1. I look forward to your post on the process of canning. I purchased the Ball preserves book after seeing it in your blog and am planning to give canning a go this upcoming weekend!

  2. Jessie – How fun! I love that book, and I hope your canning goes well!

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