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DIY wedding


bouquet (by bookgrl)

Wedding planning is well and truly underway!  The date and location have been (more or less) set, and we are in the process of determining what we’re going to end up doing ourselves and what we’re going to leave to the pros.  (And by "ourselves" I mean mostly "myself," which is fine.  I’m just that kind of girl.)  Hopefully, with all the DIY-ness, and all the time we’ve got, there won’t be as much of that frantic last minute craziness or too much settling for less-than-perfect because we’re under a time constraint.  (I say that now of course…)

There are a few things that I have definite ideas about and others that are only the vaguest wisp of a thought in my head.  Like, of all the things to be thinking about, I’ve already decided that I’m going to knit myself a wrap to match my wedding colors.  I even know what yarn I want to use!  (Maybe. If I can get it.)  But do I know what the wedding colors are yet?  Um.  No.  The wrap though – in addition to being fun and gorgeous and tremendously indulgent, it’s also practical – coastal Maine is not known for its steamy tropical weather!

So, for your amusement and my desire to endlessly make lists, here is the list of us vs. the pros.

In one corner: Our fab DIY selves!

  • The location.  This is probably the biggest thing, and the biggest money-saver, combined with food (below).  When you have relatives who live on a grassy hill overlooking the ocean, how can you not have the wedding there?  Plus, it’s going to be a very small wedding, so there’s really no need for an army of resort staff or a wedding coordinator or any of that.  We’re going to keep it real, yo.
  • The food.  Another huge money-saver.  I can cook.  My family can cook.  We love to cook!  Plus, catered food is so expensive!  And not necessarily any tastier than what we can make ourselves.  We’re good, dammit, real good.
  • The cake.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  The cake.  Or, more accurately, the cupcakes!  I’ve been reading Smitten Kitchen’s wedding cake posts recently and they’ve inspired me.  Yes, I know I’m the bride and maybe I shouldn’t be making my own cake.  But I’m going to practice.  And practice some more.  And then some more.  And make them ahead and freeze them.  I’m going to practice that too…  I have a feeling we’ll be eating a lot of cake over the course of the next year.  (Not too much, of course, I’d like to be able to wear a wedding dress and not a giant sack.)  It’ll be great though.  For reals.
  • The decorations.  I like making things involving plants and ribbons and stuff.  And I’m not a big fan of overly elaborate decorations, so we’re going to keep it pretty simple.  No swans sculpted out of ice diving into seas of aspic with tiny floating shrimps on a bed of seaweed.
  • The invitations.  Dude, I craft with paper for extra income.  I think I can handle this.

In the other corner: the pros!

  • The clothes.  I can’t sew, and I don’t know anyone who can, or at least not well enough to entrust them with my wedding dress!  Plus, I already found a really cute one online for cheap(ish).
  • The flowers.  I won’t pretend like I know how to make a bouquet, even though I did fake it once, for my good friend’s wedding in Mexico.  Anyway, I’ve got to go to a florist to get the flowers, so they might as well bundle them all up with ribbons and stuff for me.
  • The photography.  This is huge.  I have a hunch we’re going to end up spending as much on photography as on everything else combined.  I’d photograph the darn thing myself if I wasn’t, y’know, in it.  But photography is really, really important to me (really) and I want good pictures.  As it is, I’ll probably have my camera with me.  Hopefully, I’ll be having so much fun I won’t even think of using it!
  • The rings.  I don’t do metalsmithing.  ‘Nuff said.

I’m sure there are vitally important aspects I’ve left off (guestbooks!  favors!  personalized bottles of water!) and I’m sure it all seems a lot simpler having not actually done anything yet, other than spend my workday lunchbreak perusing The Knot, browsing dresses online and trying to decide between shades of green and blue…but it’ll all come together in the end.  And it will be fantastic.  I just know it.


4 thoughts on “DIY wedding

  1. Congrats on the wedding (again), I am really happy for you!
    The idea of doing a lot it yourself is great, in my opinion, but then again I am the type of girl that does things for herself rather than have someone do it for me ;) In fact, I am envious of the fact you’re crafty both in the paper world and in the kitchen :) I love to cook, but I definetely won’t be doing the cooking for my wedding (whenever that comes into the picture)…I’d be afraid I’d try to be too adventurous and burn it..LOL.
    I am assuming you’re getting married in Maine and really do you need anything else besides the ocean in the background?
    Congrats to you again and happy planning/shopping/knitting and whatever is entailed for your big day :)

  2. i think it’s great to do as much as you want on your own. we got married in mexico and i left a lot of up to the pros, but it was just 20 people and very simple. i planned everyone’s travel and made gift bags and kept as much on the cheap as i could. totally not stressful and had a great time.
    i thought i’d mention unbridaled to you. i got my dress there for $350 and i freaking LOVE it. they have a kickbutt selection and are really nice. down on south first. maybe you can get ideas of fits and stuff in there if you’re ordering online.
    best of luck and can’t wait to watch the planning process.

  3. Jessica – Thanks! Yup, the wedding’s in Maine – Boothbay Harbor. I think it’ll be great!
    Meg – I had totally forgotten about Unbridaled! I will definitely stop in, thanks for reminding me!

  4. this is so exciting. i can’t wait to hear more on all of this as it develops- crafty girls getting married is SO FUN.
    i had a super awesome photographer you might want to check out… then again, he’s austin based. he travels, but i’m sure that’s expensive. his name is eric hegwer, for what it’s worth. we loved him.

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