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nope (by bookgrl)

We had high hopes for our garden this year.  I went to the nursery at the end of our street, we went to Home Depot, we went to the farmer’s market, we found pots and soil and watering cans and a gutter to protect our tomato babies.  And what have we to show for all our hard work and money spent?  Some dried basil. Let me tell you what we planted:

  • zucchini (4)
  • tomatoes (4)
  • basil (4)
  • eggplant (1)
  • peppers (7)
  • tomatillo (1)
  • rosemary (1)
  • dill (1)
  • tarragon (1)

One poor zucchini got dug up by some wily suburban forest creature.  The other zucchinis can’t take the heat and droop sadly every afternoon, their floppy leaves brushing the dirt forlornly.  The rosemary and dill died. The tarragon is doing fine, only I’ve discovered I’m not actually very fond of it. The tomatillo is happy but small and fruitless. Almost all the peppers are losing their now-yellowed leaves, leaving sad little stalks poking out of the soil with maybe a tiny jalapeño holding on for dear life.  The tomatoes are big and lush, but the flowers are not setting fruit.  (Not a single one!)  The eggplant is the only thing that seems to be doing well (except the basil, which has really taken off) and is the size of a small bushy tree.  But even it only just decided to grace us with a baby!

we call him Little Eggy (by bookgrl)

Such high hopes we had!  Last summer we had a patio garden and an eggplant that never did anything.  But we did harvest tomatoes and a plethora of peppers!  Last summer was cool.  Wet.  Completely unlike any Texas summer I’d ever seen.  And so, naturally, we thought that if we got that many peppers last year, imagine how well they would do this year, since peppers aren’t exactly known for their intrinsic love of cool, wet environments.  But.  No.  Turns out that this year has been just too damn hot and dry for them!  We do have a little cherry red pepper, and a teeny bell pepper and a couple of itsy bitsy jalapeños that haven’t grown any in a month. But it’s so sad!  We’re smart people, we know how to garden.  But it just goes to show how even the best of us can get foiled by Mother Nature.  Because, honestly, I was starting to think I had lost my green thumb, until I was reading a local farm update discussing the unusually hot, dry weather and how the tomatoes were setting less fruit than usual.  Which of course makes me feel bad for the farmers but also happy that I’m not just a complete horticultural moron.  It’s not just me!

So I’m going to keep watering those thirsty tomatoes and zucchinis and try to encourage my peppers and watch my lone baby eggplant like a hawk.  And hopefully, hopefully, we’ll end up with more than just pots full of sticks and pretty yellow tomato flowers.


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