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good deeds done

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So I was going to write my third and final post about the canning process but then M was feeling restless so we had to go for a walk.  Whereupon we found a dog.  *sigh*  Anyway, to make a long story short, dog and owner have been reunited and we are finally home!

So what’s that image up there?  It was my afternoon, via Facebook status updates.  I was anxiously awaiting the latest Sundara Yarn update and it was a total loony bin.  It took forever, the site crashed and loads of people didn’t get anything.  But…I got silk lace yarn!!!  I knew I had to get it soon or run the risk of not completing the gift-that-shall-not-be-named in time for Christmas.  (Yes, I know Christmas is very far away.  I don’t knit fast.)  So, after managing somehow to work a little bit and click "refresh" every time I had a chance, I snagged a beautiful bundle of Bronzed Forest silk lace.  You can’t imagine how excited I am.  (Or maybe you can?)

Anyway, canning tomorrow!  I promise!

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  1. gorgeous color!

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