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new and unexpected

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an unexpected turn of events (by bookgrl)

I had an unexpectedly interesting day. OK, maybe interesting isn’t exactly the right word… We went to the farm this morning, as usual, and bought a chicken. No, a dead one. Anyway, I’ve never actually cooked a whole chicken before and I’m kind of intimidated by the prospect! Tomorrow is the big day. I’ll let you know how it goes.

The other thing I did today was ride my bike waaay too far. I nearly gave myself a migraine and had to take a nap when I got home. Riding too far, unexpectedly, under the hot Texas sun will do that to a girl… See, I meant to ride up to where this trail cuts over to Far West, just so I could figure out how to do it. Only then I kept going. And there’s a big hill. And I went up it. And got tired. So I went into the hardware store! (I know! Logical!) And I remembered that I wanted to buy a clothesline and some clothespins, so the very helpful hardware store men helped me out and I came away 100 feet of clothesline and 50 clothespins richer. Then there was a garage sale. *sigh* And so many lovely things I wanted to buy. (A meat grinder! Enamel bowls!) But I only had a few dollars so I settled for two very pretty, simple Wedgwood dishes for a dollar. (Woo!) When I got home, despite the fact that I felt like I wanted to die, I figured it would be a really good idea to put the clothesline up. Only it slipped off and there needed to be some hammering and oh my now I was really hot… Phew. At that point, I decided to take a shower and collapse into bed for a while.

new (by bookgrl)

But let me tell you how much I love my new clothesline. Lots. Lots and lots. I love the crispness of line-dried clothes, how they almost stand up on their own. The fresh summery smell. The fact that we didn’t use anything but the sun and the wind to dry them. The fact that it’s free! That for about ten dollars, plus a few minutes spent outside hanging laundry in the sun (oh, what a hard life…) I can save energy and money. That I can look out the window of the studio and see them waving gently in the breeze. The feeling of walking back to the house through the cool dampness of the limp clothes right after being hung out to dry. That is summer.

laundry day (by bookgrl)

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