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knitting for beginners

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teaching (by bookgrl)

I taught my very first knitting lesson today.


I forgot how frustrating it is to learn something completely new! I learned how to knit when I was a little kid from my grandmother, and I don’t remember at all how that went. All I know is that by the time I was in my early twenties, I had completely forgotten how so I re-learned from some internet tutorial. (Somewhat incorrectly, it turned out. I’ve since corrected the wrongness.) Anyway, I’ve never had to demonstrate for anyone how to do it before (mainly because I was afraid of passing on my wrongness, but that’s not an issue anymore) and it was terrifying! I watched her frustration and uncertainty with a mix of interest and frustration myself. It’s hard to watch someone struggle with something that you yourself can do so easily, merely because you’ve been doing it so long. Every time I learn a new technique I’m sure I have the same intense, puzzled look on my face as she did, it’s just that nobody’s usually around to see it! (Of course, nobody’s around to help me when I can’t figure it out either…)

buttery (by bookgrl)

Also, I made biscuits today. Yum.


One thought on “knitting for beginners

  1. yum…..these look very tasty….

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