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shawl relay

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Seascape Stole (by knitlab)
Seascape Stole, originally uploaded by knitlab.

So. I’m participating in the 2008 Ravelympics. Ahem. The idea is to start and finish a project of your choosing during the 2008 Olympic Summer Games. I’m going to be using my lovely lace yarn to knit up a Seascape Stole for a very special someone for Christmas. (That’s the pattern up there. Isn’t it lovely?) It’s supposed to be challenging but I’m not sure why I decided to challenge myself quite this much. I mean, I have a really simple feather-and-fan lace scarf that’s been languishing in my knitting basket since early this year, why do I think I can get a whole lace wrap done in, what, 17 days? Especially one I probably won’t be able to knit on the bus. I really don’t think I want to even attempt trying to follow a lace chart while we careen around corners in central Austin. Thanks, but no. I suspect that in order to get this done, I will literally have to do nothing else, except work, sleep and eat. Maybe shower occasionally and pet the kittens. I have until August 8th to contemplate, and then it’ll be time to begin! Wish me luck!

Anyone else out there doing this too? Leave me a comment!


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