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wedding nightmares

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yum! (by bookgrl)

Literally.  I dreamed last night that it was three days before the wedding and we had totally forgotten about it.  I think I may have had a dress, but we had forgotten to invite anyone and hadn’t prepared for food or anything else.  And in my dream, I was standing in my kitchen trying to make wedding cupcakes only the cupcake papers were too big.  They were, like, the size of my cat food bowls, and the cakes inside were tiny and I was trying to pipe frosting in and the cups kept getting bigger and the icing kept changing shape.  And at one point in my dream I thought, "Well, I guess we’ll save money on invitations!"  Um, y’know, since we didn’t invite anyone.


Edited to add: I should mention that in my dream I wasn’t frustrated at all and I found the whole thing to be hilarious. I guess that just shows how much we care about the actual wedding! Maybe we should elope? ;)


One thought on “wedding nightmares

  1. I had almost the same exact dream about a month ago about my own wedding… only without the cupcake bit :p

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