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nectarine, mascarpone and gingersnap tart

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nectarine, mascarpone and gingersnap tart (by bookgrl)

I made this last night and it is long, long gone. M and I ate hefty portions of it and then I took the rest to work today where my coworkers seemed to enjoy it mightily. I am in love with the recipe, from Smitten Kitchen, which I’m also in love with.

creamy and delicious (by bookgrl)

I’d never bought mascarpone cheese before and had to do a little looking at Central Market on Saturday, then M tried to eat it, the gingersnaps got the teensiest bit stale (because someone, maybe me, just had to try them over the weekend and, um, see if they would make a good crust, yeah, that’s it…) and the nectarines weren’t ripening… But in the end, I had my tart! And boy was it worth the wait! Go! Check out the recipe!

fresh and ripe (by bookgrl)

I can’t wait to try some other fruit versions of this, maybe with strawberries, or raspberries, or blueberries, or…the possibilities are endless!


One thought on “nectarine, mascarpone and gingersnap tart

  1. i read that entry too and thought it sounded so delicious. i, unlike you, didn’t get off the couch and make it, though. kudos- it looks DELICIOUS! :)

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