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I’m in love.


I'm in love. (by bookgrl)

Oh! You thought I was going to talk about the upcoming wedding! Well, of course I'm in love with M, that's a given…but no, I'm here to share my newfound love for my newest kitchen gadget!

We were at Target last weekend, which I was overly excited about, and in the kitchen section, while we were trying to find other things, I saw this mandoline for only $9.99 and just had to have it! (Mine looks just like this one, only not as expensive…) I've been wanting one for ages, just because, well, just because. We used one in the coffee shop I worked at in college and ever since… *sigh* I'm never using knives again. OK, OK, not really. But seriously, I love this little thing. I sliced three big zucchinis in a fraction of the time it would have taken me with a knife, which resulted in having way too much zucchini for the stir fry, but that's another story. Already I'm dreaming of carrot coins and sweet potato fries and crispy thin potatoes fried in butter and garlic and delicate apple slices on sandwiches… For $9.99 I have my doubts as to how well it'll hold up, but for $9.99 how could I not at least try it?

3 thoughts on “I’m in love.

  1. I just got one of those too, and it has revolutionized my cooking!

  2. Alexis – Isn’t it amazing??? I want to slice everything! ;)

  3. $9.99? You’re kidding. I. Must. Have. One.

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