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and she goes for gold!!!


Day 23: finished! (by bookgrl)

I finished! The Seascape Stole is officially done! I didn’t know if I could do it but I managed to pull through at the end, with the help of a giant bag of Pirate’s Booty and the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy. I was frantically weaving in ends late, late Saturday night and carefully blocking on Sunday morning, for the 10:59 AM deadline, but I made it. I must say…I’m impressed with myself. (Can I say that?) I love it. I really and truly love it. It is elegant and delicate and soft and shimmery. The pattern swirls and flows through the tiny silk stitches. It is feather light, yet somehow warm… And hopefully will make the intended recipient very, very happy!

soft as the spring grass (by bookgrl)

two of my favorite things (by bookgrl)

Without the constant pressure of this knitting hanging over me, I am at a loss. I almost don’t know what to do with myself! Yesterday? (After blocking, that is…) You know what I did? I read a whole book. A whole book! Then I thought, “I’ll blog! Yeah! That’s it!” Only…the power supply for my laptop died. And the computer wasn’t fully charged when it did. Of course. So until my new power supply wings its merry way into my home, I’m sneaking spare minutes at work to write.

So what’s next on my needles? We shall see!

2 thoughts on “and she goes for gold!!!

  1. I pulled out a sock I’ve been working on today only to become deeply unhappy with the gauge. Oh well. I love that stole!!! It is so beautiful. I really enjoy the Yarn Harlot book- I think I read it in two days!

  2. Jessica – Isn’t that book hilarious? It had me laughing out loud several times. Thanks for your kind words about the stole! I am sad to give it away, but excited that I have enough yarn to make another!

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