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this really has nothing to do with anything…


*love* (by bookgrl)

Our babies have to be “fixed” tomorrow. (What a funny thing to say…they’re not broken…) When I called the vet to make the appointment yesterday, the gal on the phone said they weren’t really due until the first week of September. But…Jack has been after Lily like a drunken frat boy, so I insisted on it being as soon as possible. Thus, tomorrow they go and get their little girl and boy parts removed. It’s kind of sad. But the alternative – a house full of inbred little kittens born from a brother-sister pairing – doesn’t thrill me. I don’t want my little Lily to be a teenage mom. So off they go! I’m not looking forward to the screaming and crying that will ensue in the middle of the night tonight because they can’t have any food after 7 PM…

3 thoughts on “this really has nothing to do with anything…

  1. we did the boys at 4.5 months and thought they’d chill a bit. omg, they are still so nuts! none of the humping or anything but totally rowdy boys.
    good luck with it. we took them to the animal trustees (part of the deal with the rescue agency) and it was great and super cheap!

  2. Both of our dogs came from shelters, but I’ve had cats that had *zee operation* and all I can remember of it was them sleeping for two days afterwards and the scratches I got trying to get one into his carrier.
    Good luck!

  3. Thanks ladies! It was oh so tiring the night after, but everything’s back to normal now.

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