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a wide-angle lens and the best food science has to offer

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heehee (by bookgrl)

Last night, I received a wonderful, wonderful thing in the mail. Well, actually, I would have loved to receive it in the mail, but it required a signature and, of course, nobody was home during the day when they tried to deliver it, so we had to drive across town to the FedEx depot and the street it’s on veers off from the main street and only a spraypainted sign to tell you this, which we didn’t see until we were driving by it, so we had to turn around and then the FedEx place was busy at 7:30 at night, like jam-packed busy, so I had to wait and then we were hungry and the spinach was on the stove at home (turned off) but M wanted dinner now so we stopped at KFC. Phew.

I do believe that this was the first time in my life I have ever actually entered a KFC restaurant (can you even call it that?) and ordered (and eaten!) food. (Wait, can you even call it that?) I ordered a three-piece chicken strips meal with mac ‘n’ cheese and cole slaw to keep my strips and my fluffy, buttery biscuit company. We shared a medium soda because, really, who needs that much high fructose corn syrup? Not me. Anyway, the food was…interesting. I must say, the snow-white, light-as-air biscuit was rather tasty and I don’t want to know how they got it that way. The mac ‘n’ cheese was creamy and delicious and dripping with thick orange goo that resembled cheese. The cole slaw was…wet. And very cold. Like, really cold. Cold slaw. And the chicken. Ah, the chicken. Freshly removed from a vat of oil, it glistened and crunched in my mouth. It was…kind of gross! As we walked out of the restaurant, I thanked M for dinner and then said, “Can we never eat here again?” To which he responded, “Totally.”

And the wonderful thing that prompted this trip across town and the accompanying fast-food experience? This lens! Which I rented from the lovely folks over at ZipLens. (Hence, the crazy picture of Jack above…) We are going to Arizona on Sunday for a big ol’ family vacation and I decided I’d rent something better to capture the scenery with! I am waaaay too excited about it. Of course, last night by the time we got home, it was dark so I went around snapping photos of everything in the house I could light well enough to capture. Yeah! Grand Canyon, here we come!

I’ve never spent time in Arizona, unless you count driving through on my way to California, so if anyone has any suggestions for neat stuff around Sedona, I’d love to hear ’em! I think we’ll probably be doing a lot of relaxing and taking pictures and sitting by the pool…

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