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autumn days


Smile!  It's a fall day! (by bookgrl)

Autumn. I love it. Buuuuut, I’d love it even more if we here in Texas actually had any such season. I grew up on the coast of Maine, so the autumn of my childhood is what I long for when the days get longer and the temperature drops. (Albeit only down to about 90 today…)

Things I love about autumn:
colored leaves
fresh, crisp apples
new sweaters
layering clothing
kicking dried leaves into piles
cool, dark evenings
planning for Christmas
long shadows
waiting for the bus in the morning just before sunrise
switching from AC to a fan in the window
the clear blue sky that is so peculiarly autumnal

What do you love about autumn?

3 thoughts on “autumn days

  1. yes, i totally agree. i grew up on the coast in nh, near portsmouth…and went to college in the mountains of i miss fall so much in austin. no changing of the leaves, no crisp air, no fairs with hot apple crisp, no apple picking!! the air feels so fresh in the mornings in fall, and it smells so good outside…fall is the one time i go through new england withdrawls.

  2. I love wool against my skin (to a point). I love the smell of burning leaves and slow-cooked meals in the kitchen. I love the pink cheeks on my kids. I love cider donuts.
    May I ask where you grew up so that I can live vicariously? I went to UMO and lived in Rockport afterwards and then Portland. I’d move back in a heartbeat but you know how life is…

  3. slow cooked meals and crisp air.
    and ALL the things you said. i’m also a big fan of shorter days.

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