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the first real decision of the wedding


S08_81591_wacc2Some minor wedding-related news: the bridesmaids’ dresses have been officially picked out! Woo! I know this is very exciting for y’all out in internet-land. I feel very good having accomplished, or at least decided on, something concrete. Yay!

I must say, I wasn’t even intending to make any concrete decisions, it just sort of happened, in that way you get dragged along to some rollerskating party you didn’t even want to go to but all your friends were going and then you ended up having a great time anyway. Well, sort of. I was just perusing the bridesmaids’ offerings online, when I noticed my matron of honor on Google chat. We chatted and she asked me if I had dresses picked out yet, to which I responded…uh…maybe? I sent her a link and she loved it. So I sent the link to my sister, the maid of honor, and she loved it too! And thus, a bridesmaids’ dress decision was born. (And yes, I have a matron of honor and a maid of honor. I call them my best ladies.)

So they’re going to look like that one up there, photo courtesy of David’s Bridal, classiest wedding dress store ever. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge* (Hey, I’m on a budget and not afraid to admit it.) The color is, I believe, “truffle.” Or, in normal-person-speak, “brown.” Only imagine that the person wearing it doesn’t look quite so…model-y. And has brown hair. And imagine that the sash is tied behind because sheesh, in front? Really? Also imagine that the little peekaboo skirt and sash aren’t that interesting shade of…pink? Peach? What is that? Instead, imagine they’re a lovely shade of green. Or blue. One of those three down there. What do you think?


I was looking for something a little more in between the darker green and the really pale grayish green. *ahem* Between “clover” and “honeydew” that is. But maybe blue? Or, rather, “capri?” I’m so glad my future happiness doesn’t rest on the color of my bridesmaids’ underskirts.


4 thoughts on “the first real decision of the wedding

  1. I like the blue on the right; I think it goes with brown the best.
    (Found you through Jamelah, BTW.)

  2. Thanks! Blue seems to be the consensus, except for, well, me… :)

  3. I AM A BEST LADY!!!! WAHOO!!!

  4. You had a taste so beautiful and gorgeous!

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