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Maker Faire Austin 2008


looook into my eeeeyes (by bookgrl)

I was lucky enough to unexpectedly attend Maker Faire here in Austin on Sunday. (Thanks, Leslie!!!) It was amazing. I left feeling overwhelmed and inspired and sometime puzzled about the things people choose to spend their time on. As if I don’t have enough hobbies and interests already, I now want to add more! And get involved with the various communities here that interest me. Realistically, I only have a finite amount of time and it’s pretty jam-packed as it is, but I may find the time to squeeze in a few more activities…

ArcAttack (by bookgrl)

This will not be one of those things. Singing Tesla coils. I heard about it beforehand and happened to walk right into the noon show. Wow. I have a very brief video I’ll try to post soon. Did I mention wow?

yarn car! (by bookgrl)

There was a car covered in yarn. Artfully covered in yarn, that is… it wasn’t like I just took a pile of yarn and tossed it on. Careful, meticulous application…amazing!

yarn car hands at work (by bookgrl)

little hands (by bookgrl)

Naturally, I gravitated toward the fiber arts and food areas. The Weavers and Spinners Society of Austin had a booth full of fibery goodness. I had the opportunity to weave a bit on a little table loom and watch some other giant looms at work. Several children learned to spin while I stood there taking it all in.

weave me a web (by bookgrl)

lacework (by bookgrl)

While I’m not a huge fan of most lacey things myself, I was in awe watching some folks make lace! I had never stopped to consider the art of lace making, being a relatively non-frilly girl, but it was such a crazy thing to see! Little strings of colored cobwebs tacked down and moved around in such a way that created intricate, symmetrical patterns.

tipsy (by bookgrl)

After all that fiber, and loads of stuff I haven’t even mentioned – like glass blowing, metalsmithing, lasers, construction, shopping, books and more – I headed over to the food makers area where I stumbled into this guy’s presentation on mixing drinks. There’s a story here: I have him to thank for my fiance. He threw a party one night almost exactly three years ago and the rest is history!

vegan cupcakes (by bookgrl)

And there were cupcakes. How can I not photograph the cupcakes? (And eat two of them…shhh!) They were by this gal and they were a-MA-zing. I entered a raffle to win a dozen. Yum.

name that seed (by bookgrl)

The food makers tent was inspiring. What’s more DIY than growing your own food? There’s not much more basic than that, or more satisfying! I finally got motivated to investigate Greenling, which could be a blessing or a curse, depending on how often I feel like ordering local cheeses… I learned more about the Green Corn Project, whose fundraiser is this Sunday, Austinites! I might attend…if I can drag M out of the house. I played “Name That Seed” and won a packet of pumpkin seeds. (I switched beets and okra. Silly me!)

All in all, it was an extraordinary day filled with inspirational booths, people and events. Start making!

thank you (by bookgrl)

The rest of my photos are hanging out here.


4 thoughts on “Maker Faire Austin 2008

  1. Wow! That sounds (and looks) like a great way to spend a Sunday. I’ve heard really cool things about Austin but have never been. I’m a big fan of the singer-songwriter genre of music and I guess that’s the place to be… do you get to hear live music much?

  2. Great yarn car shots!

  3. David! :)

  4. I’m from Austin too but I missed this event. Thanks for posting photos. I’ll go next year for sure.

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