eat! craft! live!

Baking, crafting, mama-ing and taking photos of it all. When I remember.

:: photo friday :: kitties


Here kitty... (by bookgrl)

mew (by bookgrl)

curiosity (by bookgrl)

Can't...stop...the cuteness! (by bookgrl)

mittens (by bookgrl)

Mom!  Jeez.  Quit taking my photo. (by bookgrl)

*love* (by bookgrl)

Jack (by bookgrl)

Lily (by bookgrl)


5 thoughts on “:: photo friday :: kitties

  1. Oh my heart!!! I wish we could have seen ours when they were that little!

  2. I absolutely love this kitty, and I can not wait to rub noses!!!

  3. Great photos! Very cute! Good luck with Nablo! I’m doing it for the first time this year too.

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