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socks for mom

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Hey! If you’re my mom, stop reading right now!

I’m almost certain my mom doesn’t even know about this blog…but still…

Day 90: 9-5 socks (by bookgrl)

Here I sit on the first real dark evening of the year, listening to the sound of traffic go by outside and watching the cats catapult themselves at one another and various pieces of furniture, scooting chairs across the floor like they’re surfing. (It’s really quite funny!) I’m sporadically knitting and blogging and editing photos and emailing and watching tweets scroll by and patting the little catties’ heads when they get close enough. There’s a movie planned for later (this documentary on Arthur Russell) but for now, things are quiet and pleasant. I’m working on these socks, still, after some false starts. I ordered the yarn from Knit Picks and didn’t realize it only came in 50 gram balls, not 100. So I had to order another one. And the cats ate my first needle, so I had to order another one of those! I took that yarn and needle-induced hiatus to work on a different project, and then of course had to complete said project before I returned to the trusty socks.

Day 57: is nothing sacred? (by bookgrl)

But now they are well and truly on their way. The cuff is done, the heel is turned and the gusset is…gusseted. I’m on the home stretch, speeding toward the toes with wild abandon. It really does feel like wild abandon sometimes – against my better judgment, I brought these socks to the cafe on Friday night and knit on them in the near-dark. I was a wee bit scared to look at them the next morning, but luckily they turned out just fine. And onward the go! Tidy little stitches march across the instep. Twisted ribs spiral their merry way downward. The pattern is lovely – an easily memorized twisted rib pattern that looks a lot more difficult than it really is. They are stretchy and squishy and the most beautiful shade of dark blue. The yarn is a merino/silk blend and is soft and shimmery at the same time. (Though, frankly, not as soft as I’d hoped.) Come Christmas, they will keep my mom’s feet nice and toasty through the cold Maine winter!

9-5 socks (by bookgrl)

Day 94: truckin' along (by bookgrl)

Only a few more inches!


One thought on “socks for mom

  1. They look beautiful! Your mom will love them. Will you get to visit at the holidays?

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