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knitting for the tiny ones…

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mellow (by bookgrl)

I was at a loss for what to post today. My post-election adrenaline high has gone, and now I just feel weary from lack of sleep and too much frantic baking. (Hopeful! But weary.) Then I stumbled onto this. Click on over and check it out – it’s a program to knit wee hats for wee babies. And I thought, hey! I’m a knitter! I like babies! My sort-of-niece was a preemie and had I known her at the time, I would have knitted her a wee hat. So it goes. I shall be knitting some baby caps and hope that you will join me!


One thought on “knitting for the tiny ones…

  1. That yarn looks familiar…
    It’s a lovely gesture. Both of my boys were preemies so it’s a cause near and dear. I’m clicking over right now to check it out.

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