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cake in a mug?

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haphazard (by bookgrl)

You may remember that I made cookies on election day. You may also remember me mentioning how haphazardly I cooked them. I just wanted to share the above lovely photo of just how haphazard they really were! (Not that it kept my co-workers from eating them all in the span of about ten minutes the next day when I brought them to work.)

I ran across this recipe for a cake in a mug just a little while ago and now I’m craving cake. In a mug. In the microwave. I may or may not actually rouse my lazy bones and go into the kitchen and see if we have any hot cocoa mix. It’s trashy, I know, but it sounds so satisfying right now! I already made oven baked eggplant parmesan and crispy baked zucchini fries this evening. And homemade pasta sauce. And an appetizer of radishes with good butter on little bread rounds. (Sadly, the zucchini fries and bread and butter left us so completely full that the eggplant parmesan has been demoted to tomorrow’s work lunch.) But I might be able to rouse myself for some cake.

In other food news, I really want to make a variation of these cookies, which I actually first saw over at Everybody Likes Sandwiches and was then reminded of again just the other day by Amy from Commonplace. Ah, cookies. How I love thee… Alas, this evening I’m so exhausted I can’t do much besides lie here on the couch with my laptop and a big mug of berry flavored green tea. G’night!


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