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Baking, crafting, mama-ing and taking photos of it all. When I remember.

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stripey (by bookgrl)

I am pleased to report that I have finished both the front and back panels of the sweater for my niece. (Last mentioned here.) It’s coming along really quickly! It’s a very easy knit that I can do on the bus or while watching DVDs of Grey’s Anatomy, which is what I did all last night. I’ve started the sleeves and had the genius (I know! I’m so smart!) idea to knit them both at the same time so I’ll know for sure they’re the same length. (I worry about these things…) I have no photos because it just looks like a pile of pink ribbing right now. As soon as there’s sleeves, I’ll be sure to let you know!

That yarn up there in the picture? Has nothing to do with the sweater. Just so you know. ;)


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