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bounty (by bookgrl)

In light of the upcoming holiday, I am giving thanks for my ability (at least for now) to get fresh, healthy food delivered to my doorstep. This is a photo of the contents of last week’s Greenling box. Amazing. (This week’s, which we received yesterday, wasn’t quite as impressive. Plus, M unpacked it before I got home, which I’m mildly upset about. I like unpacking the Greenling box. It’s like Christmas!) Anyway, we have been ordering the “Local Box” every week, which is a somewhat random assortment of whatever is currently in season here. We’ve been getting a lot of sturdy greens, root veggies and citrus. (Thus, the meyer lemon cream.) Last week, we had such an amazing haul I just had to document it! Here goes: several onions, sweet potatoes, two deliciously perfect avocados, red potatoes, radishes (though we’ve discovered we don’t like radishes), collard greens, two other kinds of greens I can’t positively identify, a little bunch of herbs, baby lettuces, two zucchinis, a pile of key limes, more meyer lemons than I know what to do with, and a half dozen apples. Oh. My. God. Can you believe it? I know I couldn’t. M laughed at me for piling it all on the countertop to photograph it. What can I say…

The bounty inspired several cooking adventures last week that I hope to have up in the next few days!


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