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grandma socks

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Day 114: knitterly (by bookgrl)

I’m well on my way with the Christmas socks for one grandmother. (Lee Lee, my step-mother’s mother.) They are coming along nicely, thanks to a lot of waiting around and traveling by bus! It’s this pattern and I’ve become quite fond of it. When I first saw it, I wasn’t much impressed. It was OK, but I didn’t really want to make it until I saw some other examples knit up. I’m using the most delicious yarn that I bought at Knit 1 Bead 2 in Jerome, Arizona back in September. It’s beautiful, if a little thinner than I usually use for socks.

So what am I doing this evening, now that these socks are under way? Why, casting on for another pair, of course! Because apparently my monogamous knitting habits have gone the way of the dodo. These are for my other grandmother. (Nana, my father’s mother.) Sadly, I am pretty sure I’m going to have to knit this pair one-at-a-time because of the pattern. There’s a little note that says you have to move a stitch from one needle to the other a couple times and that just won’t work very well with two-at-a time unless I slip one sock off, then put it back on. Hmm…


One thought on “grandma socks

  1. Two socks, one needle…looks like a good plan…if only I could figure out how to do that I wouldn’t have a bunch of single socks hanging around.

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