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the end


relax (by bookgrl)

No, not the end of my blog, just the end of NaBloPoMo! It’s been a long month, but rewarding too. Sure, some days I’ve just dashed off a post in order to get it done, but many times just knowing that I had to post something, anything, made me really sit and think about what I was going to say and how I was going to say it. (Not that you can necessarily tell from my not-so-super writing…*ahem*)

I expect I’ll be back again tomorrow, since it’s the 1st and all, and I’ve got a brand new batch of love for y’all. (Y’all. I said it. Where has my northern accent gone?!?) But after that I hope to be checking in less frequently. I’m torn between writing for the sake of improving my writing and only writing when I have something really excellent to say. Every time I do NaBloPoMo, I tell myself that this time I’m going to post something really amazing every single day. I’m turning over a new leaf! It’s going to be great! But in reality, I just simply don’t have time. I hope you’ll stick around regardless. Tomorrow is a brand new month! I’ve still got recipes to share and knitting to discuss and kittens to photograph. Happy December everybody!


4 thoughts on “the end

  1. I’ll always tune in for recipes, knitting and furry cuteness.

  2. I agree, knitting and recipes are always wonderful! Writing everyday is such a beneficial challenge…it’s amazing what a month of words looks like.

  3. Have you ever done NaNoWriMo? I did it for the first time this year and although it was really hard going some days I actually managed it, and two days early!

  4. Ha! No. :) I’m much more of a photo girl – the writing is secondary!

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