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December love : the slightly absurd tacos and cupcakes edition


nom (by bookgrl)

When I finally move away from Austin, one of the things I will sorely miss is the humble breakfast taco. Oh, sure, I can make my own. But it’s just not the same as driving over to Tamale House on a weekend morning and stumbling into the place along with a host of other stumbly folks. They’re not huge tacos, but they’re tasty. And cheap at 85 cents a pop.

On the other hand, there’s Juan in a Million where you think you’re ordering one taco but in reality it’s the equivalent of about four. (Just remember to order extra tortillas!) It’s a wonderfully trashy concoction of potatoes, eggs, thick crumbles of bacon and processed cheese served piping hot on top of a flour tortilla. A veritable mountain of delicious.

plain jane and french toasty (by bookgrl)

I love cupcakes almost as much as I love breakfast tacos. My favorite Austin cupcakes happened to be vegan and they don’t even have a shop, so I’ll move on to two other Austin cupcake institutions. First up, the newer contender – Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop. With flavors like french toast and a killer buttercream frosting, what’s not to love? (OK, besides the awful parking situation…) Situated in a tiny storefront on South 1st Street, these are some of the tastiest cupcakes around.

Then there’s Hey Cupcake! The original, I suppose, cupcake stand in an Airstream. Serving more traditional (at least in my opinion) cupcakes from a trailer on South Congress (and now from a new retail location on Burnet Road…near my house!) this is the place to go if you want some serious sugar. Much as I love cupcakes, I can’t frequent this place because of the vast quantities of sweetness in their icing.

And now for the slightly absurd… My last love for this month? Bacon. Yes, bacon. Ah, the lovely little piggy with his delicious little cured belly. Bacon, how I love thee. And wouldn’t you know it, bacon is trendy! Salon even had Pork Week recently. Bacon is love. So are cookies, but that’s for another time…


4 thoughts on “December love : the slightly absurd tacos and cupcakes edition

  1. Sounds like you are disconnecting yourself from Texas…

  2. Mmmm, Hey Cupcake – those are wonderful. And a very dangerous location across the street from Hill Country Weavers.

  3. Breakfast tacos to me mean early saturday morning trips to the outdoor public market in the middle of winter. Sipping coffee and eating tacos while buying produce and fresh baked breads…

  4. Ah, I also love the people and the tacos at Nueva Onda! Alas, we now live closer to Tamale House, so I’ll have to go check them out (again, after about 10 years!)
    Gorgeous blog–your photos are wonderful!!

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