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getting ready for 2009!

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Well, I’ve gone and made some calendars. It’s a little late, I know…practically time to use them already! (I never claimed to be punctual…) One is craft-themed with lovely images of knitting and yarn and baubles and buttons and bits. The other is food-themed with tomatoes and luscious fruits and scrumptious cookies. I’ve ordered one of each for myself but they aren’t here yet, so I can’t actually vouch for Lulu’s quality. But I’ve heard good things! The website is grumpy and won’t let me create a preview right now, but these mosaics have all the images in the calendars. Not in the right order, you know…but they’re all there! One per month! Everybody loves getting calendars for Christmas! (Wait…is that just my family?)

craft! 2009 (by bookgrl)
craft! 2009

eat! 2009 (by bookgrl)
eat! 2009


One thought on “getting ready for 2009!

  1. I’m actually jealous. I wish I had been half as organized and gotten one of these pulled together. They’re the PERFECT gift. Your photos are even more beautiful when viewed in a group.

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