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garnet flowers journal

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patterns (by bookgrl)

I finished this journal last night, just in time for my little one day sale in my book-related Etsy shop. We, the members of the Bookbinding Etsy Street Team, have been having little sales all month. My day is tomorrow, lucky me! (You can see all our Etsy goodies here.) So, tomorrow, Wednesday, December 10th, if you buy that lovely journal up there, I’ll ship it to you for free (if you live in the US that is…we can work out a discount if you’re international) and even throw in a free gift! It’s a very cute little free gift too, I just have to say. Very cute. And I sort of hope you don’t actually buy the journal because, well, I really like it. It’s been so long since I’ve really made anything new, I’d forgotten how satisfying it is to create books!

garnet flowers journal (by bookgrl)

I think I might have a little after Christmas sale just for my blog readers… When the dull grey of January starts to get us down! Stay tuned…


One thought on “garnet flowers journal

  1. that is such a great journal. love it.

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