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death by yarn


Day 132: *sigh* (by bookgrl)

I just wanted to check in and mention that I am not, in fact, dead. And neither are my catties, despite the yarn incident pictured above. There has just been so much knitting happening I have had very little time for anything else! And, sadly, I’m still not going to get done in time to mail these gifts to my family for Christmas. Ah, well.

The yarn above was intended for the Spring Forward socks for my grandmother. I had started both at the same time and realized they were going to be too small only after I had already turned the heel. *sigh* So I frogged them and started over, this time with just one sock, and added more stitches. But then they were turning out too big. *double sigh* And then came the fated email from M one day while I was work, entitled, “the cats got into your knitting basket…” By the time I got home, M, being the wonderful man he is, had untangled the yarn and wound it all into a ball. That photo up there? That was taken the second time they got into the yarn, several days later. All I could do was take a photo and try not to cry. (This is the yarn that they dragged out of my mostly-closed suitcase when we got back from Arizona. It has been wound and rewound more times than I care to count.) The other day I managed to get the darn stuff untangled and wound into a ball. Again. And the lone sock is torn out. The yarn is soon to be reincarnated as a scarflet, which I think will be much more forgiving. Wish me luck!

not so easy (by bookgrl)

But that’s not the only reason my Christmas knitting has been going a little slower than anticipated. Oh no! I, somewhat foolishly, in hindsight, decided to make the Hourglass socks for my other grandmother. I neglected to notice the rating of “extra spicy” attached to them. So these socks, while completely do-able, have been taking me a darn long time. I’ve not finished one yet. But I have turned the heel! I’m on the home stretch! (Of the first one anyway…)

On a brighter note, I started a scarf for my sister last night that is almost halfway done. Yay for quick projects!

2 thoughts on “death by yarn

  1. I hope you gave those cats a stern talking to! Love the hourglass socks, I’ve had to add them to my ravelry queue now! Grrr.

  2. The funny thing is – apparently one cat (Lily) was accidentally locked into
    the bedroom a few days ago with a bed FULL of my hand-dyed yarn…and she
    didn’t even touch a single strand! So now I know who it is that needs the
    scolding – the other cat, Jack! ;)

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