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January love: the voyeuristic edition


always just a little behind... (by bookgrl)

Really, I’m just sharing some of the blogs I like. But this post might as well be called the now-you-know–who-I-internet-stalk edition. Because as much as I love reading these blogs, and blogs in general, it just strikes me as…peculiar…sometimes. You know. That we read all about each other’s lives (some more than others) and many times have never met, will never meet and oftentimes don’t even know who our readers are! (I know you’re out there…I see my stats… Hi!)

Amy at commonplace is one of the very nicest bloggers I “know.” I entered a giveaway of hers a long while back and was blessed with an abundance of lovely yellowy yarn. (I could have sworn I posted about it, but now I can’t find it! So here’s a photo of the yarny goodness.) is the (self-proclaimed) “most useless thing you’ll ever need.” Indeed. Witty and well-written, her entries frequently leave me laughing out loud. There was this one…about ovaries…but alas. Her blog self-destructed at some point not too long ago and I can’t link to the entry about the ovaries. But trust me. It was hilarious.

Living Small is, well, about living small! Something I try to do daily. I’m inspired by the “no new threads” year over there and would love to do it myself this year, were there not extenuating circumstances that would make it very difficult in 2009. Maybe another year…

I don’t really remember how I came across Suburban Bliss. I think it may have had something to do with Velveeta… But anyway! Processed cheese aside, it’s a delicious source of entertainment.

If there’s one thing about Jessica at Turkeycookies, it’s that, to me anyway, she always seems like a big bundle of cheerful. Sometimes I need snarky. In fact, most of the time I need that. But a healthy dose of cheer and optimism sure can balance things out.

I hope that you all are having a stellar 2009 so far! Mine has been excellent. There is freshly dyed yarn drying on the porch and a crustless manchego and broccoli quiche about to be sliced into!

4 thoughts on “January love: the voyeuristic edition

  1. Oh thank you for such kind words!!!!! Blogs are a bit peculiar to me as well…but such fun things, too.

  2. I’ve always thought Jessica seemed cheerful also. Perhaps it’s her young-ness… and ‘snarky’ is one of my favorite words! Thank you for the introduction to those other blogs – it’s a queer thing, the blog-world and it’s connections but it’s something that gives me comfort and entertainment. Thank you also for the nod – I’ve enjoyed ‘meeting’ you as well this past year and hope we continue to connect in 2009.

  3. Ha! Thank you. Sorry about the self-destructing blog… maybe I’ll write about my pesky ovaries again someday.

  4. Thanks for mentioning Living Small, and thanks for the links to these other great blogs! All the best…

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