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2009: goals and dare I say…resolutions?


01.05.2009: January socks (by bookgrl)

It’s that time folks. Yes, the time of year when everybody vows to eat less, exercise more, spend more time reading, less time watching TV, volunteering more, and generally just being a better, happier, skinnier person. And then comes March. When everybody realizes that they’re just as fat and lazy as they were back in December. Aaaah…

Oh! Sorry. Pardon my cynicism. (It just leaks out sometimes, you know…) So here are my goals for 2009. They are flexible and ever-changing but they say that if you write your goals down and pay attention to them, you’re more likely to achieve them! (Who “they” are, I’m never quite sure…)

I need to eat healthier. Scratch that. I usually eat plenty healthy. We cook at home. And I like to think we cook well. We use lots of local, organic ingredients. We don’t eat a lot of meat. But frankly, I just eat too much. I need to work on my portion control. Because, hello! I have a wedding coming up in August! And I wore a shirt the other day that left me feeling like a stuffed sausage. ‘Nuff said.

I need to exercise more. See above. I am not known for my love of sports or exercise, so it’s a real struggle for me to get much exercise in. I just don’t like it. I used to do yoga with some regularity but that was several years ago when I lived in Eugene, Oregon and the yoga studio I went to was cheap, cheap, cheap compared to the ones here in Austin. (Yikes!) My problem with doing it at home is that we have a tiny apartment. Tiny. Any suggestions?

I may be trying to knit a pair of socks every month. That gorgeous reddish sock up there is January’s. I considered the idea, then dropped it, thinking that no, I could never knit that much! But then I knit the first of that pair in just over 24 hours. And now, only a few days later (and after returning to the 8-5 drudgery that is work) I have nearly finished the second. I think if I don’t choose overly complicated patterns, I may be able to accomplish this!

I’m going to try to stay on top of things. Just…things. You know. Things. Like, cleaning the house. Or putting my clothes away at night and not dropping them in a pile by the bed as I am wont to do. (Housekeeping is not my forte. Which is funny because I worked for several summers in college as a housekeeper here. Yes. I know how beautiful it is. Do I need to mention again how much I love my home state? I do.) It’s just that doing things in a timely manner always makes life so much easier! And I always forget this.

I would love to make some sort of promise to not buy any new items this year. But, frankly, I just don’t think that would be possible this year! There are just too many life changes approaching. And I’m sorry but I really want a shiny new dress for my wedding. (That, and I’m way too tall to fit into anything “vintage.” Le sigh.)

What else? I think that’s it for now. 2009 is going to be so chock full of change and excitement that it’s probably best for me not to go overboard! I’m still working on my (second!) year of taking a self-portrait every day, until August 1st. And I’ve just signed on to take another random photo every day, all year! Woo! I’m a big fan of projects.

What about you? Any fascinating goals for 2009?

5 thoughts on “2009: goals and dare I say…resolutions?

  1. All worthy goals. Good luck with them. The photo of the sock is beautiful. You take such lovely indoor photos. I have such trouble with anything other than 100% natural light. Any tips?

  2. I like all of these goals, I have variations of them on my own list posted here on my desk. That sock is awesome–and that yarn!!! I do yoga in my very small room. Every once in a while I hit a dresser or knock a book, but most of the time it works. Then I take the mat and throw it under the bed until the next day.

  3. Thanks! I use a higher ISO and a wide aperture, usually 1.8. Umm…I may
    have mentioned (or not) that I’m a semi-pro photographer. ;) What kind of
    camera do you have? Do you have manual settings or is it a strict P&S?

  4. I didn’t know but I’m not surprised in the least.
    I do have a camera with manual settings but it’s much more advanced than I am! I use a Canon Rebel XTi.

  5. I love to walk in my neighborhood when I can — eliminates that whole tiny-apartment problem nicely :) For a while I was good about getting up for a pre-dawn walk, but that’s a lot harder in the dead of winter. After dinner walks can be great, too.

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