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January socks


Day 163: embossed leaves (by bookgrl)

I mentioned that I might be attempting to knit a pair of socks per month. Well. It appears that I am well on my way! I finished my Embossed Leaves socks already! They came from the book Favorite Socks and all my details are here on Ravelry. The pattern is so beautiful and it knits up incredibly quickly. I couldn’t believe my eyes as the socks practically flew off the needles! There was a weird bit about the heel and breaking the yarn that I felt totally at ease with ignoring, but other than that it’s a lovely pattern. They fit perfectly, look great and are so comfortable. The toe shaping is different than any other sock I’ve seen because it continues the leaf motif right to the end. Love! I think they may be my new favorite pair.

And now…I’m already on to “February’s” socks. (Can I call them that? I guess we’ll see how many socks I knit in the actual month of February.) Pair number two of the new year is a gift for my almost-brother-in-law for his upcoming birthday. He works in a freezer, so I hope they will keep his feet nice and toasty. (I think it’s a grocery distribution warehouse or some such thing. Apparently it’s cold. Very cold.)

01.11.2009: Thuja (by bookgrl)

Over the weekend, I went on the South Austin Airstream Tour and had some scrumptious crepes and cupcakes and bought some yarn…I’ll share more on that tomorrow. So for now, happy Monday everyone! I hope all your collective cats didn’t wake you up at 5AM like mine did…


5 thoughts on “January socks

  1. The January socks are beautiful! If you finish February’s in January then you have credit for a break later in the year. That yellow and white yarn looks oddly familiar…

  2. I love those January socks-my January socks are not near completion, but they are lacy like that. Are the February socks made out of your yarn?

  3. The Feb socks are artyarns supermerino that I won in a giveaway from Amy in
    the previous comment! :)

  4. Your happy little socks make a mee-ike smile! Keep knitting (you will need more where you are going – buwahahahahahaha)!!

  5. Very pretty and I am so envious! I tend not to finish most socks that I start!

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