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Texas loves Ravelry!

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The Knitting Nest (by bookgrl)

This past Saturday I had the chance to meet the Ravelry crew at a little party at The Knitting Nest. But I’m such a social weenie I didn’t really talk to any of them other than to stare (politely, I hope) and nod and smile and say hi awkwardly.

pup (by bookgrl)

The place was crowded and full of energy as Jess, Casey, Mary Heather and Caro made their rounds. It was easy to see where they were at any given moment – you just had to look for the small crowd with eager faces.

tickets (by bookgrl)

The foursome received official certificates proclaiming them “Honorary Texans” and there was a silent auction, door prizes (I got some cuddly yarn!), some spinning and, of course, lots of knitting! I bought more than I should have and talked less than I could have, but had a good time anyway.

the colors! they spin! (by bookgrl)

To see all my photos from The Knitting Nest Ravelry party, see my Flickr set.

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