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and the winner is…

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04.15.2009: winners (by bookgrl)

Well, of course I’d put the names in a hand knit hat! What did you expect?

20090415-DSC_0065 (by bookgrl)

Thank you all for your lovely comments over here. I genuinely enjoyed reading what everybody is looking forward to this summer! It was really uplifting. Seems a lot of you are really itching to take your shoes off and do some gardening! I have a confession to make now. Part of the reason why I enjoyed reading all your comments so much is because I really need a reminder sometimes about the good things in the world. As you may or may not know, I live in Texas. As you also may or may not know, I hate, hate, hate the summers here. (Can you have reverse seasonal affective disorder? Ahoy! After a quick Google search, turns out you can!) Anyway, as the weather warms up I find myself with a sense of dread about the coming months. This year seems particularly hard. So thank you all! I appreciate hearing your little stories.

And without further adieu…the winners are:

Bertha: Gorgeous! I am looking forward to tomato salad! There is no better dinner on a hot summer night that homemade tomato salad with basil and olive oil and fresh, crusty bread to dip in the juices…mmmmm!</blockquote

Kitten With A Whiplash: I’m looking forward to the day (hopefully very soon) when Mom is totally recovered from the broken wrist she suffered in January. Thanks for the contest!

20090415-DSC_0066 (by bookgrl)

Congratulations and I hope you enjoy your new yarn!


One thought on “and the winner is…

  1. This is the most exciting thing to happen to me all week (mayabe all month!) Thank you!!

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