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May love : bags!

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Day 269: new lunch tote! (by bookgrl)

As I was packing up my various and sundry items for a nice long day at work this past week, it occurred to me that every single one of the bags I use regularly was handmade by an Etsy seller. And I have many – a lunch bag, a purse-like/tote-like handbag, a knitting bag, little lunch bags…and more. (It’s a problem, really. I inherited it from my mother.) So I figured this month I would share with you some of my favorites!

First off, I’m going to promote one bag that I don’t even own. Simply because I want it so badly. I’ve seen pictures, I’ve heard friends rave about theirs, I’ve even seen one in person toted by somebody I didn’t know and I almost went up and asked to touch it. It’s Moop. I have coveted one of their bags ever since they were a brand new seller on Etsy and had hardly made any sales. And I still covet one. (*ahem*…this one, if you’re wondering. I do accept gifts.)

But anyway! Now on to some bags I can actually vouch for! I recently ordered a wallet from the lovely L B Accessories and I love it. I had been searching for quite some time for the perfect wallet to replace the hideous brown leather-ish one I had been given years ago as a Christmas present from an ex’s grandmother and was only using because I hadn’t yet found that perfect one. But now I have! And it’s lovely. Slim, but roomy, it holds all my cards (library, credit and otherwise), cash (that’s assuming I ever have any), coins, my checkbook, and most recently, a pen. Plus, it’s adorable enough that if I go out and don’t feel like toting a larger bag, I can just carry it as a tiny clutch. (Apprently the shop is on vacation for a couple weeks, but do check them out when they return! Lovely items.)

This next bag, I love so much I can’t even imagine how I ever got along before I had it. Seriously. It’s a little knitting tote by Sew Bendy. It is my dream come true. Before this, I was tucking yarn into my tote and hoping it didn’t get tangled (often a futile desire) or cramming it into ever so attractive gallon Ziplocs that my needles would poke through angrily. It is perfect for holding two little balls of sock yarn, plus socks and needles, for when I’m carrying my sock knitting everywhere. (Which I do.) It’s also perfect for carrying one ball of lace yarn for a cardigan and confounding me every time I take it out and knit on it because I just can’t understand how an entire sweater for a real person-sized person fits in there. (Seriously. I’m baffled.) Anyway, the bag is a lifesaver and you should go buy one, right now!

Another recent purchase was the lunch tote in the photo up there. I had been using, all these years, a little canvas lunch tote given to me by a high school friend. (And yes, that was over ten years ago!) The canvas was getting thin, the velcro had all but fallen off and the design on the bag was no longer identifiable. I decided it was time for a new, improved version. One with a handle and a zipper and some insulation. And I found the perfect bag from Naturally Felt. There are loads of fabric choices and the bags are utterly adorable. I love the little short strap on mine and it doesn’t even get in the way of me stuffing large Pyrex containers filled with lunch in there. When I opened the package, I thought the bag seemed a little smaller than I was expecting, but I assure you that it is plenty roomy. I’ve always been able to fit my entire lunch in there, even when it didn’t seem possible!

Last but not least, I wanted to get something to use instead of little plastic baggies every day for sandwiches. And I found these lovely reusable sandwich sacks from Waste Not Saks. They are cotton on the outside, nylon on the inside and topped with sturdy velcro. Easy to clean and use, I have a feeling I may be ordering more in the future! Plus, cute fabric! And now I feel better about toting my sandwiches and baggies of pretzels around in reusable bags.

04.29.2009: reduce, reuse... (by bookgrl)


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  1. Those waste not saks are exactly what I’ve been looking for!

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