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April socks: Mom’s confetti socks

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Mom's confetti socks (by bookgrl)

I got a bit behind on photographing and sharing my finished knits lately. I was a little preoccupied this past month. (What with the blinding pain and doctor’s visits, followed by spinal surgery and lots of sleeping…no big deal…doing much better…) Anyway, I’m still on track with my goal of knitting a pair of socks every month. April’s socks sneaked in just under the wire, having their ends woven in on the very last day of the month.

I must admit. These socks? Don’t love ’em. Luckily, they’re not for me to keep. I just hope my mom likes them! When I went back home to visit in February, we went yarn shopping, which really meant that I dragged my mom to all the local yarn shops and she humored me by accompanying me and not complaining. At one of them, she spied this yarn and asked me to make her a pair of socks out of it. I, somewhat begrudgingly, agreed and she whipped out her wallet and bought two skeins of Skacel Trampoline right there on the spot.

for mom's socks

I wasn’t sure what the yarn would look like all knit up, but for whatever reason, I wasn’t expecting it to look the way it does! It’s very…bright. Also, I had never knit with any sock yarn containing “artificial ingredients” – in this case nylon and polyester – and I can’t say I enjoyed the experience. I’m an all-natural girl myself, preferring the look and feel of pure wool.

Mom's confetti socks (by bookgrl)

Mom’s confetti socks
Pattern by me, needs some tweaking, which I may or may not bother with…
Yarn: Skacel Trampoline in 233 (red multi)
Needles: US 1½ / 2.5 mm
See mine, on Ravelry

Mom's confetti socks (by bookgrl)


One thought on “April socks: Mom’s confetti socks

  1. even though you don’t love these… you mom will. i know she will… and your feet are lovely what ever covers them… (or doesn’t!!!!)
    love you

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