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June love : things that kept me sane in May

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05.13.2009: flowers! (by bookgrl)

As I mentioned before, I had surgery this past month. This love post is inspired by all the little things that kept me from getting too stir-crazy while I was home. (For almost 4 solid weeks! Whoa.)

First up, modern medicine – specifically, my surgery. I’ve been thinking about what would have become of me if surgery wasn’t an option and it makes me cringe. If I was alive 200 years ago, or lived in a country where I didn’t have access to medical care…yikes. I had such intense pain, numbness and weakness that I couldn’t sit, stand, walk, lie down or even sleep for more than about 20 minutes at a time. It was utterly miserable. After the surgery? Sure, I’m still recovering from the actual procedure, but the pain and numbness and weakness? All but gone. It makes me want to throw my arms around my spinal surgeon and kiss him. Seriously. I am so thankful.

While sitting at home, before and after surgery, I could have been quite bored. Thanks to my knitting, Netflix, and some books (not to mention super-duper painkillers and muscle relaxants), I was thoroughly entertained for most of my confinement. Netflix streaming was honestly a lifesaver. There were times when I couldn’t concentrate on anything, really, but I still needed something to keep my mind occupied. I watched numerous movies, the entire available collection of Friday Night Lights to date (love it – I somehow managed to fit in six episodes on the day of my surgery) and an embarrassing number of somewhat trashy reality-TV-type shows. And the books? I’m a huge fan of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. A friend gave me the first three books way back when, when she moved out of her parents’ house and got rid of most of her belongings. They happened to be the trade paperback editions, which look something like this and I was a trifle embarrassed to think of reading them so I put them in a box and promptly forgot about them. At some point I pulled them out, probably out of sheer boredom, and devoured each and every page. For a long time, I thought there were only three books. Then one day, I wandered into a bookstore and lo and behold! The series continued! I snapped them up (I think there were two more at that point) and I’ve since bought another. (The next one will be released in the fall! Yay!) So now that I’ve showed my fangirl devotion…*ahem*…the books are about Claire, a WWII era nurse, who accidentally steps back in time to the mid-1700’s and meets Jamie Fraser, a Highland Scot. Yes, there is time travel. Yes, there is romance. There is action, adventure, improbable occurrences and much, much more. They are tremendously long and I love them wholeheartedly. I’ve read the first few numerous times. Don’t think poorly of me for it.

And hey, while we’re on the subject of books, check out a little site I stumbled onto recently – IndieBound. I used to check it out back when it was Book Sense, then forgot about it for years, until recently when I found IndieBound and realized that IndieBound used to be Book Sense! (Are you confused yet? I am.) I’ve always been an avid reader and I’m a big supporter of local businesses. Despite the fact that I generally get my books from the library these days, there are times when I just want to own something. Something to read over and over again and cherish. IndieBound helps you find the books and the stores to buy them at. Most importantly to me, they have a wish list feature! Where would I be without my trusty internet wish lists? (If you want to check out all my secret bookish desires, find me here.)

Last but not least, I’d like to give a big thumbs up to Kruger’s Jewelers. They supplied us with our lovely wedding bands (and my engagement ring) and were incredibly friendly and helpful while we picked them out. I included them in this odd and random assortment because we happened to visit them the same day we discovered I was going to have to have surgery. (Eat breakfast, go to doctor, have CT scan, pick out wedding bands, go to doctor again…what? That’s normal, right?) The owner was delightful and helped us quickly and efficiently, knowing that I was in some pain. Apparently his wife had the same surgery and he knew how I was feeling. That’s a nice feeling – to have someone understand. And the rings? Gorgeous.

The yellow rose up there was on a little mini rosebush that my mom had delivered to me as a get well soon gift. So sweet.


One thought on “June love : things that kept me sane in May

  1. All of those things would keep me from going stir crazy as well….It’s always great to get lost in a good book!

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