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May socks: interlocking leaves


interlocking leaves socks (by bookgrl)

May’s socks were knit while partially under the influence of pain, pain medications and muscle relaxants. And now I’ve learned the hard way that I should never knit one sock while loopy on drugs and the other sock stone cold sober. Because that first sock? Quite a bit larger than the second! Ah well…

interlocking leaves socks (by bookgrl)

The leaf pattern is lovely and I’m looking forward to weather cool enough to wear them! (Sadly, not for many months yet…) They were good socks to knit while home recovering from surgery (aside from the aforementioned drug-induced size difference) – not too complicated, but challenging enough that I wouldn’t have felt comfortable whipping them out on the bus every day and trying to remember the pattern. Just a little bit of a bite to keep things interesting.

And now for the details:
Pattern: Interlocking Leaves by the lovely Kelly Porpiglia, who is delightful in real life.
Yarn: Sundara Yarn sock yarn in brambleberry
Needles: US 1½ / 2.5 mm
See mine, on Ravelry

interlocking leaves socks (by bookgrl)


2 thoughts on “May socks: interlocking leaves

  1. I love those socks…I have a similar pair that are just about finished. I know the feeling about wishing to have a bit cooler weather to show off the finished product!

  2. these are yummy… i want to see them in person though…

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