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:: photo friday :: Dye for Glory!


Willamette Valley (by bookgrl)

Sedona superwash sock yarn (by bookgrl)

I know! I’ve been gone all this time and then I come back and all I’ve got to offer you is two photos of yarn and a link to the voting on Ravelry? How lame. ;) I’ve been crazy busy, for reasons which I may or may not make entirely clear sometime soon…cryptic, I know. Anyway, things seems to have calmed down a *wee* bit and I should be back this weekend with some wonderfully delicious recipes to share with you! But until then, won’t you pop over to Ravelry, if you’re able, and check out all the submissions for the Dye for Glory contest! I’m North Loop Yarn and I’ve entered the Kettled and Tertiary categories. There are so many gorgeous yarns entered, I can’t believe it. So do go check them all out!

2 thoughts on “:: photo friday :: Dye for Glory!

  1. I voted for ya! I seriously love the tertiary entry you did.
    Good luck!

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