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August love

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Sundara (by bookgrl)

Well! It’s been a crazy whirlwind around here lately…I hope you are all doing beautifully! Please excuse me for being a little late doling out the love this month…

This month I’ve decided to share a bunch of tutorials, patterns, recipes and whatnot that I either have made or would like to make! If you’ve been following along for any length of time, you’ll know that I’m all about the homemade “stuff” – whether it’s food, knitting or anything else.

First up is something that probably most knitters have at one time or another created: a dishcloth. Most of the time, I just wing it and if you really need a pattern, there are about a million free ones! The one I linked to just looks like a nice, simple, bumpy cloth. It’s those little bumps that make all the difference!

As my last tube of Burt’s Bees lip balm is nearing empty, I’m starting to think about making my own lip balm too. It’s so simple and inexpensive, how could I not?

So…if we’re making lip balm, we might as well make homemade deodorant and soap too, right? The deodorant looks to be about on par, difficulty-wise, with the lip balm, though the soap might take a little doing… Until I take the plunge, I’ll probably just keep buying homemade soap from one of last month’s love recipients – Birch Bark Handmade Soap. (The tutorial is by her too.)

Last, but certainly not least, we all have to stay warm. Right now that’s not taking a lot of effort, in fact it’s taking loads of effort to stay cool! But eventually I hope know that it will get cool again and for that reason, I’m currently knitting a wrap from some scrumptious single ply silky wool yarn. The pattern is simple enough that I have no problem taking it on the bus and putting it down at a moment’s notice. I never have any trouble picking it back up again. The lace pattern is lovely and sort of geometric and I’m looking forward to cool weather that will necessitate the use of a wrap!

Happy August all!


One thought on “August love

  1. Thanks for the mention, and I’m so glad that you enjoy my soaps! :)

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