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:: today :: (by bookgrl)

Wow. It’s been so long, I don’t even know what to say anymore! How is everybody enjoying October? *ahem* Well, I never intended to be absent from my blog for as long as I have been, so now it’s time to play a little catch up! As you may already know, the main reason for my absence was our big move across the country. But we’ve been in Maine for about a month now, so why the prolonged silence? Many reasons, most of which I’ll share with you now. Our life was turned upside down by the move and we still haven’t fully recovered. We’re staying with some very dear and generous friends, but most of our worldly possessions are in storage and not easily accessible. It’s very hard to be productive when you don’t have any of your “stuff” you need to be productive! No yarn dyeing, no Etsy shop to look after, no books to read… It’s strangely freeing and yet horribly limiting at the same time. And odd to think of the entire material content of our lives being housed in an 8×10 storage unit.

But that in itself probably wouldn’t have limited me as much as it has if I weren’t nearly 17 weeks pregnant. That’s right – we’re adding a crafty baby to the crafty household! I won’t lie – it’s been a tougher road so far than I’d imagined it would be. I’ve caught several colds, which is very unlike me, and they’ve been hard to shake. I’ve also suffered from “morning” (ha, morning, as if it didn’t last most of the day) sickness and am still struggling with that, though thankfully not as much as before. Most of all has been the creeping sense of lethargy and a desire to sleep nearly as much as the cats. The wee babe has stolen my knitting mojo, my cooking prowess (and my appetite as well!) and basically my desire to do, well, anything. I’m hoping the little rascal will surrender my motivation soon and I’ll be able to get back to normal life!

Despite everything, it is good to be back in the north again. Autumn has been gorgeous and cool and I’m loving the chance to wear all my handknit socks finally!

eve (by bookgrl)


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