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July socks

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padded footlets (by bookgrl)

More socks! These socks were started and finished in July, right on time. I like to start knitting Christmas gifts in the summer because the holidays really sneak up on me and I always underestimate how much time it takes to knit things and how much time there is in a given day and those two calculations somehow never add up to being able to get everything finished on time…hmm… Anyway, if I start in the summer I stand a much better chance of getting it all done. These socks are for a lovely lady who I hope will appreciate the double thickness of the soles when she walks around on cold New England hardwood floors this winter.

padded footlets (by bookgrl)

The socks are cute on their own and the double soles were what sold me on them to begin with. After knitting them for a while though…I began to have second thoughts. They don’t actually seem to take any longer than a typical pair of socks, but that’s only because the time you gain by not knitting anything above the ankle you use up by knitting across the soles more times than I care to remember…

padded footlets (by bookgrl)

The sole knitting is definitely tedious. Are the results worth it? The fabric is very thick and cushy, but I won’t get to wear them for any length of time, so whether my efforts were worth it remains to be seen!

padded footlets (by bookgrl)

Pattern: Padded Footlets by Mary Snyder
Yarn: Mostly my own silky merino sock in mint cream, with a bit of Sundara Sock Yarn in brambleberry for the stripes
Needles: US 0 / 2.0 mm
See mine on Ravelry

No, it is not a mismatched pair…stay tuned for August’s socks to see the yellow version!


One thought on “July socks

  1. Those are some perfect-looking socks! I love that the sole is extra padded. And green and brown – my favourite colours! They look fantastic. :)

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