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2009 knits


2009 knits (by bookgrl)

Happy New Year everybody! We’ve been holed up in our house watching the snow fall for the past few days but now the sky is blue, the streets are plowed and mounds of snow are glistening in under the pale wintry sun. Being cooped up left me a lot of time for knitting…and now I’ve already finished my first project of 2010! I’ll share that later, since I haven’t photographed it yet… So first, here’s a little mosaic of all my finished knits of 2009. Considering there were a good few months in the fall where I was too ill and/or busy to knit, I feel like I got quite a bit done this past year. My pair of socks per month project turned out well enough – I only missed two months. (Though there was one month where I did two pairs…) In fact, I’ve still got two pairs to share with you! And lovely socks they are, I might add.

The first part of the year was spent knitting furiously away at socks. Then came springtime and with it, surgery, which left me in bed but still knitting and I was able to churn out a whole cardigan in a short span of time. Summer in Texas isn’t conducive to knitting, but I managed to keep up with my socks. Fall saw morning sickness, layoffs and a move across the country and my knitting fell by the wayside. Winter has seen me able to knit again – some socks and more dishcloths than I ever want to think about again!

Here’s hoping that 2010 is as craftily productive (or more!) as 2009! I already know of one project I will be completing in April…

Happy 2010 everyone!


2 thoughts on “2009 knits

  1. lovely projects! we’ve been holed up a little less in connecticut but still it seemed like we lived in alaska all of sunday, tons of snow being picked up by the wind! I love the cowl, the green one!

  2. so those are addies mits, which she wore today!! and my socks!!! wahooie! i feel special!!! thanks… and here’s to 2009!

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