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September-October-November socks!


campfire socks (by bookgrl)

Sorry for the absence! Time got away from me… When I haven’t been sick (with the flu or a stomach bug – joy!) I’ve been busy, busy, busy making things. There has been a flurry of activity ’round these parts and I’m blaming it on the baby. Nesting! If only I had this much motivation and energy all the time! I’ve been knitting, sewing and baking up a storm. I’ll be sure to share all these lovely adventures with you in the near future, but for now I’m going to back up a few months and finish talking about my year of socks.

These socks are September, wait, October, no, no, November socks! Yes, yes, I didn’t manage to knit a pair of socks a month. By the time September rolled around, I was stricken with wretched nausea and a big move across the country. October at least had us settled in one place for a bit, but I still couldn’t knit without feeling like running to the bathroom. So around November, I started feeling better and my knitting mojo returned! Yay!

campfire socks (by bookgrl)

These socks are a plain 2×2 ribbed sock, knit from the toe up, two at a time with yarn that I dyed especially for the intended recipient. Her favorite color is orange so I went with a fiery yellow-orange-red mix, with the intention of finishing the socks before a particular camping trip that took place in…uh…September. Well, needless to say, that didn’t happen, but they did eventually get done and they were a big hit.

campfire socks (by bookgrl)
Dog not included.

Pattern: none really – basic 2×2 rib knit toe up, this is a nice basic pattern
Yarn: north loop yarn superwash sock in campfire
Needles: US 0 / 2.0 mm for the foot/ankle and US 1½ / 2.5 mm for the leg/cuff
See mine on Ravelry


2 thoughts on “September-October-November socks!

  1. I love a basic sock pattern and now it perfectly lends itself to a cozy pair of socks! All of mine are sept-oct-nov socks. Somehow I never manage to finish a pair in one month!

  2. and let the record show, i wear these socks about twice a week, and the dog, can be included…

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