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making time


snack. nap. read. (by bookgrl)

As a new mom, I’m always reading things about how I’m supposed to make time for myself. Take a few hours to go out! Read a book! Get my hair done! Take a walk! See a movie! And while I’m sure there are those for whom that is remotely possible, I’m not one of them. Our circumstances simply won’t allow for it, unfortunately, for various reasons. (Don’t get me wrong – I adore my daughter. But it’s true – I am rarely more than 10 feet away from her and I’m pretty sure the only time I’ve been further was when she was a few days old and I took a walk around the block.) She is my favorite teeny little super girl, but until recently would not tolerate being put down. For any length of time. (This is where I rave about my wraps and carriers…) Now, at the ripe old age of three months, she will lie contentedly in her crib or on her play mat and entertain herself for varying lengths of time, depending on how hungry and/or well-rested she is.

.writing. (by bookgrl)

So now we have a little routine – we wake up at an ungodly hour in the morning. I grumble a bit. We get up and I change her diaper. She, of course, is all smiles. Then I put her in her crib and possibly toss in a load of laundry, maybe eat some cereal. But always, while she babbles to herself, smiles at the wall and throws her stuffed fish around, I take the time to write in a little journal. I don’t say anything eloquent and it’s little more than a recounting of the previous day’s activities. It’s rarely more than one small page, sometimes two if it was an especially eventful day. But as a stay-at-home/work-from-home new mama who’s used to being a whole lot more “productive” with my days, it is a lifesaver. I started doing it when I ceased being able to tell one day from another and felt like I wasn’t “doing” anything useful on a daily basis. And oh, how useful it is to raise this baby of mine! But it’s monotonous, repetitive work. Usually thankless and sometimes frustrating, with moments of pure wonder and magic thrown in for good measure. It helps me to write down that these are the things I did today. Whether those things involve cooking a meal, canning some jam, doing loads of diaper laundry, working or just keeping everything together for one more day, they are worth noting. They are worthy.

rolling... (by bookgrl)

9 thoughts on “making time

  1. Aw, this post makes me weepy. They are so so worthy for sure. And you sound like such a great mama.

  2. Beautiful entry and, of course, photos. Love the DOF on the journal entry photo. You are doing so many great things while raising your daughter and family. I am sure the journal will be a great record to look at many years down the line.

  3. This is an awesome post! I totally get this, even though I don’t have a baby. I have been living in this fog where I forget what day it is, I keep forgetting plans or to do things. I need to start writing things down again, especially since I always feel like I do “nothing” all the time. But, like you say, if you just write a bit about each day, you can look back and see that you did accomplish something each day.

  4. This post really resonates with me. You’re right. They are worthy.

  5. Well said! I should start a journal myself. Its one of those things I’m always telling myself to do and I write for a few days and then get caught up in doing something else. But chronicling this time in our lives seems like a pretty good reason to keep it up. Thanks for the inspiration! I’m gonna go find something I can use for a journal. :)

  6. Loved the words and photos in this post. Brings back memories of my own babes and my experience as a new mom.
    This may or not be an encouragement but I, like you, did not have time for myself as a new mother. A few hours to go out! -that’s a joke right?? So, you’re in good company. Trust me, time for yourself will come.

  7. oh and your header is new! I like it!

  8. Just seeing your handwriting in the journal makes me wish that I were more diligent about journaling. Good for you for taking that time.

  9. I get teary reading this post. Is it weird to say I’m proud of you? It’s just that when I was a first time Mom I didn’t know these things. I was constantly fighting the frustration of not being productive. The second time around (nine years later) I understood that this part of motherhood would pass all too quickly and it’s okay to not do the things I did before. Productive means something totally different when you have a newborn. Did you shower today? Well then, you were productive. Did you write in your journal? Bonus. How about nursing your baby girl? Or being there for her smiles or to soothe her when she cries. Or being aware of the wonderful accomplishment of her happiness while playing alone in her crib? You are amazingly productive and I’m so so happy for you that you know it. I know you’re tired. And probably sick of everyone telling you to enjoy every moment because of how quickly it will pass. You’re doing great. And your beautiful baby girl is the proof of that. Sending love your way.

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