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op art blanket


op art blanket

I knit this blanket for E because I knew I wanted something a little different – a little funky, not lacy or frilly. Because although E may grow up to be a girlie-girl I am not going to push her in that direction! We rely less on pale pink and more on yellows and greens in this household. Less lace, more colorful designs. Fewer bows. More abstracts. I queued up this pattern before I even knew I had a bun the oven. And now, it’s been so…oven-like…here this summer that my little bun hasn’t even gotten a chance to enjoy her new woolly blanket! But the Maine winter is coming…

It is knit in my own North Loop Yarn Superwash Merino DK yarn that I dyed especially for this blanket. A rich, dark chocolate brown paired with a pale spring green – it took me forever to come up with that combination. Why? It was for my baby! It had to be perfect! In fact, I even dyed the brown twice to get it exactly the shade I wanted. It’s a delightful, squishy yarn and I look forward to snuggling with E on a cool autumn morning under this blanket. The pattern was remarkably easy – just a few increases here and there, loads of garter stitch and some serious blocking and voila! A square! (Or at least pretty darn close…I never could get mine to bock completely flat but I think that’s operator error, not pattern error…)

op art blanket

I was aiming for the larger size, but I stopped knitting at the smaller size and it’s a good thing too – I finished right before I went into labor!

Pattern: OpArt by Melissa Dominguez
Yarn: North Loop Yarn Superwash Merino DK
Needles: US 7 – 4.5 mm
See mine on Ravelry

4 thoughts on “op art blanket

  1. i LOVE it! I’ve always wanted to make one of these – perhaps a college blanket for The Punk in 4 years…hmmm

  2. what a cool blanket, I’ll put it on the list of the “years from now, when no one will every stop having babies and I get tired of the baby surprise jacket” knits.

  3. Love it! What a fun pattern. :)

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