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keeping up with the (baby) Joneses


new toy!

I thought peer pressure was a teenager thing? E is certainly too young and aren’t I too old? Oh no. Though I’m not sure if it’s exactly peer pressure, since it’s mostly self-imposed. It’s just that I swing through the extremes of toy-acquiring. One moment I am Laura Ingalls on the prairie and my baby is only going to have a few carefully homemade, thrifty, simple toys. Like a hand knit blanket buddy! Or plain wooden blocks! Or knitted blocks! (Those knitted blocks really are next in my queue…) And then I see other babies at play group or the library or whatever and they’ve all got their Sophies and their Whoozits and omg my baby’s brain isn’t developing properly! She’ll never learn to walk! She’ll be tone deaf her whole life! Hi. I’m occasionally neurotic.

So tonight I was absolutely convinced that she needed one of those little bouncy things that hangs from the doorway. (And I needed contact lens solution.) So off we headed to Target, where I loaded up our cart with a jumpity thingamabob and shook a handful of toys at the poor tired little baby before choosing two that seemed to make her eyes light up more than the rest. Phew. (Totally fictional) crisis averted! So now she can spin and hop and dance with the rest of them and I couldn’t be happier. There’s nothing she wants more (except maybe to chew on the cat) than to get up and run around and I’m happy to be able to provide a mediocre substitute for that experience.

new toy!

4 thoughts on “keeping up with the (baby) Joneses

  1. June freaking LOVED that thing! Too bad she’s over the weight limit now. ;)

  2. my sister was in love with those bouncing things. I think mostly my mom was. I would be, she even would bounce away after crawling age!

  3. Laura, I am SO WITH YOU on the occasional crisis between “minimalist, hand-crafted baby” and “super toy explodey baby”. Now that P is walking I find one of her joys is emptying (and sometimes filling) a bowl or bucket or basket with blocks — we now have three of them in our large living room and at various times, yes, our living room does look like an explosion of toys. Ayiyi. Not the vision of parenting bliss (ha) I had originally. But P is happy, so we are too!
    I was sad we didn’t have a doorway for a jumperoo thing (our condo is weird like that) because it looks like so much fun!

  4. hey! we had a jumperoo for the kids… james HATED it, Owen loved it, especially when you would pull him down to the ground, and LAUNCH him into the kitchen… yup, think about that! E looks very grown up, and very happy!!! it’s amazing when they discover the world outside Mamma’s arms!bv

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